Paul1“…a strange but somehow familiar fusion of The Beatles and Nirvana… Score: 8.0/10”

-KURE Music

“… subtle harmonies, catchy guitar, and wonderfully singable lyrics. The Tripping Souls bring some modernity to a nostaligic feel and leave us with a fresh, upbeat sound worth taking a listen to!”
-KAMP Arizona Student Radio

“Reminiscent of the post-Nirvana mid-’90s scene with a hint of a ’70s Brit-pop-punk hybrid…”
–The Concord Insider

The brainchild of New England native Paul Makris, The Tripping Souls’ sound clearly reflects Brit-rock influences—The Beatles, Paul Weller, and Oasis, among others—from Paul’s youth and from his time spent in London. Although Paul’s influences cover several decades, there is a cool modernity about The Tripping Souls that blends well with its familiar feel.

Paul started life in New Hampshire, studying music while he was growing up and performing on guitar, bass, keyboards, and lead vox in various bands throughout his school years. But his path eventually lead him to Chicago for three years where he frequented the blues clubs. Makris soon moved on to Boston, where he could be found at the Paradise Rock Club or somewhere on Landsdowne Street. Inevitably, Paul Makris also found his way to Europe , absorbing the sounds of London and Hamburg. Throughout his journey, Paul maintained his focus on music, listening, writing, and playing whenever possible.

Paul began recording songs with the legendary Brian Charles (The Sheila Divine, Tanya Donelly, The Figgs) at Zippah Studios in Brighton, Massachusetts in the summer of 2012 with a self titled EP, “The Tripping Souls”, followed up with their first full length CD, “Don’t Waste Your Life” in the fall of 2014, both receiving great reviews.

The current lineup features Paul on vocals and guitar, Bob French on lead guitar and vocals, David Breen on bass and vocals, and John Jordan on drums.